[adam]: funhouse mirror


baby there's a shark in the water

i caught them barking at the moon

we know each other so well, i'm sure
[eames/arthur]: dream big
Ganked from thepyromanical1.

Comment on this post and I will:
1. Respond with something random about you.
2. Tell you which color you remind me of.
3. Tell you my first memory of you.
4. Tell you what animal you remind me of.
5. Ask you something I've always wondered about you.
6. Tell you my favorite thing about you.
7. Challenge you to post this on your journal.

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but i'm a vegetarian and i ain't fuckin' scared of him
[adam]: funhouse mirror
So I probably have like a bajillion-leventy things to do (see previous post). But instead I'm making a cheesy horror movie with my cousin, which is about ten shades of awesome. And watching and rewatching Degrassi (WATCH IT. I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS SHOW. AND ALSO ADAM SEXYBANGS.(see icon)) And really really wanting to watch seasons 3 and 4 of Skins because I've been watching Naomily vids on YT and THEY LOOK AWESOME.

Aaaaand Vampires Suck was decent, especially the ending which had most of the theater lol'ing IRL. But Scott Pilgrim was just fdhkgdjikyvdn I need icons and holy Bajeebus I didn't think I could crush on Michael Cera any harder and yet. :D

stumblin' but yeah you still lookin' hella fine
[quatre]: pilot
Spent a week in southern Oregon and northern California. We went ziplining and whitewater rafting. Redwoods are awesome.


Fekt. I need to:

-start reading Fahrenheit 451. Stupid summer reading. I hate this book.
-get my cosplay shit together for Kumoricon.
-somehow acquire a ticket to Kumoricon.
-scrounge up enough money to buy theatergeek95 a sonic screwdriver for her birthday. Which was a while ago. SORRY BB. :(
-finish the comic I've been working on.
-finish the fic I've been not working on.
-somehow contact Em, whose phone doesn't work and who never checks her email. Joy.
-probably other stuff that I'm forgetting.

All this news about TW S4 is terrifying me. I don't know how I feel about it. Not great?

Also I think I'm starting to get sick. DNW.

Ffff, but my sister started reading Naruto and she's promised to cosplay as SnJ Shikamaru if I take her to a con sometime. I'm gonna be SnJ Chouji, so now all we need is an Ino.

Anyway. Blah blah blah comics blah blah blah awesome.

Spoilers across the board for X-Men Legacy 238, X-Factor 207, New Mutants 15, the entirety of Second Coming.Collapse )

Aaaaand X-23 gets her own book starting in September. The preview art looks great, so I'm hopeful this will be good.

so i'm drivin' away
[pietro&wanda]: what once was
Stuff: Inception was just as awesome the second time around. I finally own all of Second Coming, yay! And I'm gonna be out of town for the next six days. YEAH. Also expect a long, rambly, comic-book related post when I get back. FOR GRATE LULZ or something, IDEK.

an explosion of goodness
[emma]: saint & sinner
First, this:

KoloSigma1 is an amazing vidder, and ze feeds my Doctor/Master addiction like nobody's business.

Second: The Big Bang. Best. Finale. Yet.

Spoilers ahoy!Collapse )

free time? MEME TIME.
[sam]: battered and bruised
Grabbed from thepyromanical1.

Give me a pairing, character, whatever, and a prompt or two. First five people to comment get ficlets (~300 words, knowing me) written for them. Although you could request a sketch or a picspam or whatever if it struck your fancy.

I'll do stuff for Torchwood, Doctor Who, Buffy, Inception, Degrassi, X-Men and spinoffs or Young Avengers.


cooking with al and francie
[heavyarms]: so many guns
Or, a comedy of errors, except with less mistaken identity and more whipped cream. In eight easy steps!
There's no way this can go wrong.Collapse )

[rory]: keep calm and trust
So I finally got my best friend to join LJ. She's theatergeek95, and she's...interesting. But in an awesome way, so y'all should go talk to her. She's the kind of person who will sit beside me and ponder what size breasts my father would have had, were he a woman. Like I said, interesting.

Also HOMG INCEPTION SO MUCH AWESOME. I'll do a more coherent write-up later, but for now, general SQUEE. Also I loved that the maze building girl was named Ariadne. Greek mythology references FTW. Also also I want to marry Arthur.


why can't weeee be frieeeeends~
[quatre]: pilot
So it occurs to me that I don't know much about you, flist. I know y'all are Doctor Who fans, but what are your names? Interests? Countries of origin? Credit card numbers? (I'm kidding about that last one.) TALK TO ME. :D

And since Equivalent Exchange something something something, I'm Al. I'm a fourteen-year-old from the US. I spend my time at school giggling over superhero comics and doodling Arthur Darvill in the margins of my notebooks. I'm an occasional cosplayer, I take martial arts, and I annoy people by spouting X-men trivia and Buffy quotes at inopportune moments. Nice to meet you.

[avengers]: do epic shit
THIS SO SO FREAKING MUCH. I have a particularly strong vendetta against the WBC for picketing a high school in my city, and I am literally crying this makes me so fucking happy. It makes me want to cuss and giggle and kick things, which in me is a normal reaction to *utter bliss*. Ohmigod. Breathe, Al, breathe.

Other than that, today was pretty much failcake with a side of fries. This morning my cousin fell off her bike, so I spent an hour getting her home and freaking out when she told me she couldn't see and then hit her head on a door frame. And then we finally got her to the ER, and it took the doctors four hours to clean a few scrapes, check her over for any substantial bruising, and put three stitches in her lip. She seems to be in high spirits. On the other hand, I got to sit in the hospital and read, so that wasn't too bad.

Ffff, The Big Bang is tomorrow. I am sososo excited. Also I am hoping Logo will get their rear in gear and show more Beautiful People. I want Simon Doonan on my television and I want it now.

BRB, squeeing over the geeky awesomesauce. /dies forever


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